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Frequently Asked Questions: Information for Families

I know that most people with cancer undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Are those the only treatments my father will have?

No. There are other treatment modalities that are used.

  • Immunotherapy and surgery are other treatment methods that may be used. The results from immunotherapy, a technique that is used to bolster the immune system, have been varied. The downside to this type of treatment is the numerous side effects that oftentimes result.

Mesothelioma often has a complex growth pattern making complete surgical removal a very difficult task.  There is a better prognosis if mesothelioma is detected when it is in its earlier stage. Depending on the stage of malignant mesothelioma the medical team can take a curative surgical approach to remove as much of the malignancy as possible. The goal of the surgery is to achieve a macroscopically-complete resection, which refers to the removal of all visible tumor cells.

When surgery is performed in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation, research has shown that there is a better chance of success.

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