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Legal Frequently Asked Questions

Mesothelioma can be a difficult disease to understand, and  if you or a loved one have been diagnosed, you are certain to have numerous questions. MesotheliomaHelp.net has provided the below frequently asked questions to provide you with answers to your legal concerns. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us – we can help you find answers.

Legal Help FAQs

Are There Time Limits For Filing A Legal Claim?
What Legal Options Are Available To Individuals Injured By Asbestos?
How Do You Prove Which Asbestos Companies Are Responsible For My Injury?
If I Don’t Remember How I was Exposed To Asbestos, What Can I Do

Are There Time Limits For Filing A Legal Claim?

There are laws in every state which limit the time for individuals and their families to file claims for mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. If you do not file your case within these time limits, you will likely be barred from receiving compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately.

Contact Belluck & Fox to protect your legal rights.

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Which Companies Are Sued In Asbestos Cases?

The typical entities that are sued in asbestos cases are:

  • Manufacturers of asbestos-containing products;
  • Contractors that installed and repaired asbestos-containing products and equipment;
  • Suppliers who provided the materials to the work site; and,
  • Owners of property who allowed asbestos materials to be used on their property.

We typically do not sue your employer due to workers’ compensation laws. Instead, we work with you and your family to identify the manufacturers, sellers, distributors, suppliers and contractors that were responsible for your exposure to asbestos.

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I Have Read About Many Asbestos Companies Filing For Bankruptcy, How Do These Bankruptcies Affect My Cases?

Many of the corporations responsible for asbestos products have sought protection from lawsuits by filing for bankruptcy. Instead of filing a lawsuit against these companies, a fund is established by the bankruptcy courts to compensate asbestos victims.

The impact of these bankruptcies is significant. It is the duty of any attorney handling an asbestos case to identify all responsible parties that caused your exposure to asbestos.

Belluck & Fox has experience with recovering compensation from the bankruptcy funds. As part of our representation of you and your family, we will file claims with all of the appropriate bankruptcy funds and secure additional compensation for you and your family.

See a list of bankrupt defendants.

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What Legal Options Are Available To Individuals Injured By Asbestos?

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease (asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma), you can bring a legal claim against the manufacturers, sellers and installers of asbestos products. Filing a legal claim or lawsuit can help you address the medical and financial problems that asbestos-related diseases resulting from exposure can cause victims and their families.

Even if you do not recall the precise nature of your exposure to asbestos or the names of the products to which you were exposed, we use our extensive knowledge of work sites and products to investigate and prosecute your claim. Victims of asbestos exposure and their families should carefully select attorneys who are experienced in asbestos litigation. Further, you should hire attorneys who will fully investigate your claim and provide you with individual representation. Belluck & Fox provides fast, professional and personalized legal representation. We will only represent you if we believe that there is a reasonable chance of a successful outcome for you and your family. To have your case evaluated immediately, please fill out an online case evaluation form.

You may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the companies responsible for your cancer.  If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, you have a limited time to file a claim for compensation and you should contact an attorney about your case. The spouse and family of an injured victim may also be eligible to bring legal claims.  Contact a lawyer at Belluck & Fox today.

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How Do You Prove Which Asbestos Companies Are Responsible For My Injury?

While use of asbestos has been curbed in the United States since the late 1970s, asbestos was heavily used prior to that time in building materials such as insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, textured paint and patching compounds, as well as in heat-resistant materials in shipyards, and in many other commercial and residential uses.

Many construction workers, military personnel, shipworkers and railroad workers were put at risk daily as they worked with the toxic material. Inhalation of airborne asbestos fibers can lead to various lung diseases including lung cancer and mesothelioma – both of which are highly aggressive and are resistant to many standard cancer treatments.  If you are a victim of mesothelioma due to negligence of your employer, you may be eligible for compensation.  Our lawyers can help you with your lawsuit or claim and will stay with you throughout the litigation process.

As part of our representation, we fully investigate and prosecute each individual case. We will interview you and other witnesses, such as your coworkers. We also have a vast library of documents and testimony from and about the companies that made asbestos products — documents and testimony that we have gathered in other asbestos claims. This information can be used in your lawsuit.  Our lawyers will also gather additional evidence in your case, including new documents from the asbestos companies and additional testimony about the products that were used at your worksites and contributed to your illness.

Belluck & Fox prides itself on our commitment to investigating each case. We handle each case individually. From the initial meeting, we will start our research and investigation of your claims, and we will continue to represent you throughout every phase of your case.

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If I Don’t Remember How I was Exposed To Asbestos, What Can I Do?

It is common for mesothelioma patients not to remember where they were exposed to asbestos, since asbestos-related diseases are latent — it takes years for the symptoms and injuries caused by asbestos to appear.

Law firms such as Belluck & Fox, devote a substantial amount of time to reviewing your work and life history to identify possible sources of exposure to asbestos which could be the cause of your cancer or mesothelioma.  If you would like to contact us for more information, please fill out the form here.
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