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Mesothelioma Cancer Resources Blog

  • Soluble Mesothelin in Effusions a Strong Indicator of Mesothelioma

    Source: CancerPage.Com Researchers have discovered that high concentrations of soluble mesothelin in both pleural and peritoneal effusions strongly correlate with the presence of mesothelioma. Dr. Jenette Creaney, who previously discovered that high levels of soluble mesothelin was present in the blood of people with mesothelioma, has provided another avenue of detection for people with this …

    Label: Mesothelioma

    Posted on Friday, Jul 13, 2007
  • Cancer society calls on Ottawa to change tack and ban asbestos

    Source: GlobeandMail.Com The Canadian Cancer Society has announced its endorsement of a ban on the export of asbestos and is petitioning the Canadian government to stop blocking international efforts to halt asbestos use. While Canadian industry doesn’t use asbestos in many products, it is still an export product for the country – most of which …

    Label: Asbestos

    Posted on Friday, Jul 13, 2007
  • U-turn Over Asbestos Cancer Drug

    Source: BBC News The UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has reversed course and approved Altima (Pemetrexed) for use in patients with advanced mesothelioma. Citing the expense of the drug, the Institute had previously stated that Altima was only to be used in ongoing or in new clinical trials. However, after an intense …

    Label: Asbestos Mesothelioma

    Posted on Monday, Jul 9, 2007