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Asbestos Exposure at Honeywell

From its humble beginnings as a thermostat manufacturer in the early 20th century, Honeywell has grown into one of the largest diversified conglomerates in operation, with a global workforce of over 130,000 employees. Following the company’s 1999 acquisition by AlliedSignal, the company relocated its headquarters to Morristown, NJ, where it currently resides. Focusing mainly on research, engineering, and applied technology, the corporation is involved in many diverse markets, from defense solutions to chemical and materials manufacturing.

Honeywell’s Green Island, NY location was primarily concerned with the manufacture of friction materials, mainly for use in brake pads. Bendix, Honeywell’s friction materials subsidiary, fabricated their brake pads and friction materials from asbestos prior to the 1980s, which contaminated the Green Island worksite with asbestos dust. Beyond that, many other items used throughout the plant – especially in areas where high heat or electricity was a concern – were made with or wholly composed of asbestos.

Belluck & Fox has represented former employees of Honeywell’s Green Island, NY plant who were diagnosed with mesothelioma as a direct result of asbestos exposure on the job. These victims won significant settlements for their pain and suffering, and the companies who exposed workers at Honeywell’s Green Island site to asbestos were held accountable for their negligence.

We are very familiar with job site, including the companies that sold asbestos equipment to Honeywell for use in the Green Island facility. Our team knows the layout of the factory, and how workers were exposed to asbestos within.

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