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Asbestos Exposure at Bethlehem Steel

The Bethlehem Steel Company originated with the establishment of the Saucona Iron Company in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1857. By 1899 the company had transitioned to steel production for railroad and domestic military needs, and in that year it took on the name under which it eventually would become one of the most prominent businesses in the American steel industry: The Bethlehem Steel Company.

Having expanded its capacity throughout World War I to become the nation’s second-largest steel producer (trailing only US Steel), Bethlehem Steel purchased the Lackawanna Steel Company in 1922, integrating its Lackawanna, New York, operations into Bethlehem’s expanding steel empire. The Lackawanna facility’s equipment was outdated even at that time, contributing to Bethlehem Steel’s bargain purchase price of $60 million. Bethlehem Steel modernized the Lackawanna plant over the next decade, spending some $40 million on facility improvements. The Lackawanna steel plant employed over 20,000 people during the World War II years and at the time was the largest steel factory in the world.

Belluck & Fox has represented several former employees of Bethlehem Steel who were diagnosed with mesothelioma and lung cancer as a direct result of exposure at the Lackawanna plant. We are very familiar with the Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna site, including the companies that sold the asbestos equipment to Bethlehem Steel. We know the layout of the facilities and how workers were exposed to asbestos at this site. Our team has won significant settlements for the following employees at the Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna plant:

  • Electricians
  • Steel riggers
  • Crane operators
  • Laborers
  • Engineers
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