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Asbestos Exposure at Alco - American Locomotive

The American Locomotive Company, later referred to as ALCO, was established after the merger of eight smaller rail manufacturers in the northeastern United States. The newly-unified company was headquartered in Schenectady, NY in 1901, and closed all manufacturing plants under the company umbrella except for the two primary sites in Schenectady, NY and Montreal, Quebec. It trailed only behind the Baldwin Locomotive Works as the most prolific steam engine builder in the United States, with over 75,000 locomotives to its credit. Starting in 1906, ALCO briefly maintained an automobile manufacturing initiative, but was generally unsuccessful in its effort to market the vehicles to consumers and ceased production in 1913. Towards the middle of the century, ALCO increasingly diversified its business model to focus on non-rail products such as oil and nuclear power. The company was purchased by the Worthington Corporation in 1964.

The Schenectady, NY ALCO plant was one of the company’s main manufacturing facilities, and was one of only two that existed prior to the formation of the company to remain in operation following the merger. The site remained in use until 1969, at which point the facility was taken over by General Electric. Prior to the mid-1970s, most – if not all – major American manufacturing plants used asbestos throughout their facilities, including ALCO and the Schenectady plant. Workers and contractors in many positions throughout the plant were exposed to this deadly substance at ALCO Schenectady, and yet were never warned of the dangers of asbestos, nor informed of the safety precautions for proper handling of asbestos.

Belluck & Fox has represented former employees of ALCO’s Schenectady plant who were diagnosed with mesothelioma as a direct result of asbestos exposure at the plant. The victim, a locomotive engine draftsman, won a significant settlement for their pain and suffering, and the companies who exposed workers at ALCO’s Schenectady site to asbestos were held accountable for their negligence.

We are very familiar with this job site, including the companies that sold asbestos-containing equipment to ALCO and the areas where workers were exposed to asbestos. Our team knows the layout of the facilities and how workers were exposed to asbestos at this site. Contact the law offices of Belluck & Fox, LLP for your free consultation today.

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