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Frequently Asked Questions: Information for Families

Mesothelioma sounds like a very serious cancer. Is there a way to cure the disease?

mesothelioma-cureUnfortunately, once mesothelioma has been diagnosed, it has most likely progressed to the advanced stages of the disease. As a result, the chances for any type of cure are greatly diminished. Typically, the only procedures that are performed in order to rid the body of the disease are surgery combined with chemotherapy or radiation. Although there have been some successes, they are rare. The rate of success increases when mesothelioma is found to be in its earliest stages of development.

Although ongoing research is being conducted to eventually find a cure for mesothelioma, it is still considered to be an incurable disease. There is a greater chance that the progression of the disease can be slowed down if it is diagnosed early enough, but for the most part, all that doctors are able to do today is make the sufferer as comfortable as possible as the disease continues to progress.

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