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Posted by on Friday, Jan 4, 2013

Important Tips Offered for Easing Your Stress When Traveling for Your Mesothelioma Treatment

Deciding to travel for treatment or surgery for your mesothelioma is a daunting decision.  Many questions come to mind:  How do we do it?  How do we get there?  How will we pay for it?  Here are some tips that my family and I learned over the past year, that I hope will help ease your nervousness.

Even though we left for New York City only a few short days after the decision was made to go there, we spent as much time as possible researching the area.  We were blessed to have someone who had just recently visited to help guide us, but not everyone has that luxury.

Find out the location of the offices you’ll need to go to, restaurants, grocery stores, churches, etc. that you’ll be visiting during your stay.  We also had the help of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation who guided us and helped us so much along the way.  They have such valuable information and the staff is knowledgeable and couldn’t be kinder.

Ask about the services the hospital or treatment centers offer.  NYU Langone has a wonderful hospitality department who will help you with whatever you need, be it laundry service, or help with a place to stay.  Many medical institutions have agreements with hotels to allow for special rates for their patients and their families.  Always take advantage of this, as it will prove to be a great savings for your family.  Also, our hotel had coin laundry machines available for guests to use.  This saved a lot of money as well.  Just buy or take some detergent with you and you’re set!

Pack reasonably.  We didn’t know about the laundry in our hotel, so we literally packed enough clothing for 2 weeks or more.  Needless to say, we packed a lot more than we needed.  Be sure to take all your necessities and toiletry items, and comfortable clothing for the time you’ll spend sitting in doctor’s offices. Make sure to take some snacks too.  Some hotel rooms will have refrigerators, microwaves, etc, so it can save you a lot of money on eating out.

Remember that if you forget anything, you can always purchase it.  It may be more expensive, but you won’t need to do without.  Also, be sure to pack all the components for your electronic devices (but look in to the cost of using the internet – some places are free, some charge a pretty steep fee).

These are just some cautionary tips, I’d be happy to help out if you have more questions.  Just post them below and I’ll answer them as best I can.  Also, if anyone is planning to travel to NYC, I have a lot of great information that could help to make your trip a little easier.

Best of luck to all!  Although traveling for treatment is a huge undertaking, it will pay off in the end.  As my Dad always says, “The main thing is… don’t get excited!”  Take one step at a time and keep your faith!

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Jennifer and her husband run a home inspection business in St. Marys, PA. When her father was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in January 2012, she became a caregiver for her father and an advocate for all people fighting mesothelioma. Jennifer will be offering readers of MesotheliomaHelp.net the story of her father's miraculous journey through months of treatment and recovery as he battled mesothelioma.