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Mesothelioma Cancer Resources Blog

  • Are Mesothelioma Patients Deciding Against Treatment?

    by Nancy Meredith When someone is diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma, he is faced with an overwhelming number of decisions regarding treatment.  While a doctor can provide a patient with the medical pros and cons of each treatment, ultimately it’s up to the patient to decide whether to undergo treatment.  According to the results of …

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    Posted on Friday, Jun 29, 2012
  • Northeast Mesothelioma Attorneys Come Together at Litigation Conference

    Last week at the Northeast Asbestos Litigators & Judges Forum, some of the most respected mesothelioma attorneys came together to discuss issues and to assess past mesothelioma and asbestos cases.  With a goal to ensure they can continue to protect the rights of asbestos-disease victims, the legal professionals collaborated and shared information to identify key …

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    Posted on Thursday, Jun 28, 2012
  • Penn Surgeons Make Strides in Fight Against Mesothelioma with Lung Sparing Surgery and Photodynamic Therapy

    by Nancy Meredith Over the last few years, University of Pennsylvania surgeons have been leading the way in mesothelioma research. Penn Medicine surgeons have demonstrated that while mesothelioma is a daunting disease, finding the best way to treat the cancer takes patience and years of research. Now, their patience and perseverance may be paying off. …

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    Posted on Monday, Jun 25, 2012
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