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The Wellness Community Offers Method to Face Mesothelioma Challenges

Receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma can be frightening and overwhelming.  Not only are patients and their family faced with the uncertainty of their future, but the medical challenges that the patient faces can seem insurmountable.   To help people diagnosed with cancer deal with just this uncertainty, the Wellness Community (TWC) offers the “Patient Active concept.”

Dr. Harold Benjamin founded The Wellness Community (TWC) with the philosophy that, “People with cancer who participate in their fight for recovery from cancer will improve the quality of their life and may enhance the possibility of their recovery.”  Mesothelioma patients are faced with a grim prognosis with the average survival time varying from 4 – 18 months after diagnosis; however, Benjamin believes that by taking active participation in their treatment plan patients can positively influence their healing process.

Mesothelioma is a serious cancer that occurs in individuals exposed to airborne asbestos fibers.  The disease is highly aggressive and is resistant to many standard cancer treatments making it a difficult disease to treat effectively.  While many factors determine survival for a patient, such as treatment plan, age, overall health and fitness of the patient and the extent of the disease, physicians also believe that a positive outlook and an empowered patient can result in the improvement in a patient’s health.

TWC explains that being a Patient Active involves being educated so you can make informed decisions about your cancer and its treatment.  The concept also includes closely managing treatment side effects, and your general health and well-being, focusing on relationships with others and finding ways to cope with the stress that comes with mesothelioma by embracing and leaning on the cancer community.

The core concept of the Patient Active states, “Combining the will of the patient with the skill of the physician – a powerful combination in the fight against the common enemy – cancer!”  Benjamin believes taking a positive attitude and communicating effectively with the mesothelioma health care team can help patients regain a sense of control over their treatment and their life.

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