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Asbestos-link Cancer Rates Revealed

Source: Google News

UK Researchers have recently published the results of the largest study yet completed on the incidence rates of asbestos-caused cancers among certain classes of British workers. The article, which appeared in the prestigious British Journal of Cancer, has concluded that the lifetime risk of mesothelioma among British men born in the 1940s is about 1 in 170. Within these numbers, the article states that 1 in 17 carpenters, 1 in 50 electricians, plumbers, and decorators, and one in 125 construction workers will die from mesothelioma. The study also suggests that for every case of mesothelioma, there’s also one case of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure, so the total incidence rate of asbestos-caused cancers rises to 1 in 10 in some cases.

The researchers concluded that the highest rate of disease onset was found among people who were exposed to asbestos regularly before they were 30.

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