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State Funding Could Help Asbestos-Related Agencies Stay Afloat

Source: The Western News

The Western News is running an article on the need for continued state funding of many of Montana’s most important asbestos treatment and research agencies. Unless they receive additional state funding, projects funded through the Libby Asbestos Medical Plan (LAMP) and Asbestos-Related Diseases Network (ARD-Net) are in danger of shutting down during 2009. ARD-Net will lose its funding in June and LAMP some time later, unless the State steps in and provides the needed money. Gov. Brian Schweitzer is being petitioned by regular citizens and many of the people involved with these organizations to continue to fund these programs.

Even though it’s rarely in the news these days, the tragedy associated with the asbestos contamination of the vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana continues to this day. Residents of Libby, and the surrounding areas, have the highest rates of mesothelioma and asbestosis in the nation and people will continue to be affected from these diseases for years to come. LAMP and ARD-Net coordinate resources to help provide care and resources to disease victims. These are difficult diseases to endure and the treatments they require—especially mesothelioma treatments—are expensive and difficult to endure, so there is large swell of public support to continue their funding.

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