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Strativa Pharmaceuticals Acquires Commercialization Rights to Onconase(R) from Alfacell Corporation

Source: CNNMoney.Com

Strativa Pharmaceuticals and Alfacell Corporation have announced that Strativa has acquired the commercialization rights for Alfacell’s mesothelioma drug Onconase. Strativa paid an initial charge of $5 million for the exclusive right to market Onconase in the United States and its territories and will pay up to $30 million for it if FDA approval is received. The agreement allows Alfacell to co-promote Onconase in the future, as well as to possibly receive future milestone payments.

Onconase is a first-in-class oncology agent developed from Alfacell’s proprietary ribonuclease (RNase) technology. Current clinical trials have shown that Onconase triggers apoptosis (“cell death”) in cancer cells while ignoring healthy cells. It is currently in Phase III development and is being targeted for the treatment of pleural mesothelioma.

To learn more about Onconose, please visit the Onconase website.

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