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ONCONASE has Potential as Chemopreventive Agent in Mesothelioma

Source: Alfacell Corporation

Dr. Michele Carbone, one of the world’s leading mesothelioma researchers, has discovered that Alfacell Corporation’s ONCONASE has great potential as a chemopreventative agent for mesothelioma. ONCONASE triggers apoptosis, the natural death of cells, in cancer cells and has been shown to block the pathway that causes asbestos carcinogenesis. Dr. Carbone’s initial research has shown that ONCONASE may be used as a chemopreventative agent for people who are at-risk for developing mesothelioma or it could be used to reduce the doses of cytotoxic agents in those who’ve already developed the disease. Dr. Carbone hopes to start clinical trials on this topic soon.

“The potential of ONCONASE as an early first-line preventative treatment for mesothelioma is an exciting development that we plan to investigate through clinical trials,” said Dr. Carbone. “With approximately more than 25 million asbestos exposure cases reported worldwide, we believe that ONCONASE might play a greater role in the treatment protocols for a much larger population than was originally envisioned for this dismal disease.”

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